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About Armand


Hermans Business Development sprouted from my passions for business, collaboration, and connecting people. My business approach is all about achieving growth with simple steps and small business improvements. With Hermans Business Development, my goal is to inspire entrepreneurs, motivate teams, and help people explore the possibilities for their companies’ success. I work closely with individuals to find the unique, no-nonsense solutions that fit their companies best.


The strength of my services lies in thinking from the consumers’ perspective and offering comprehensive business assistance. Combined with my core business values, these factors go a long way towards helping an organisation find success. Part of my strategy – and soon yours – is about getting to know your company’s end users in order to improve your business. My advice begins with getting to know you, getting insight into your clients’ customer journey, and taking a close look at your current business strategy.

“Before I started Hermans Business Development, I worked in the European dietary supplement industry for 14 years. Ever since my early days, I’ve been fascinated by the question of why people do or do not buy certain things. This drove me to focus on connecting companies with their clients. My career started at the bottom of the ladder and grew to include experience in every imaginable department. This experience led me to fulfil roles such as general manager and international business development manager for various American companies in western Europe. Now, I’m prepared to share my knowledge and experience with you.”

“Together, we’ll work on sustainable growth by creating a fitting strategy.Focusing on customer service is a key part of this process.”